Get better financing, more home, and lower costs with our credit repair program.

Mobile Homes Factory Direct is the premier manufactured housing financing specialist in the nation. Mobile Homes Factory Direct literally has financing for all types of credit including no credit and even bad credit. However for lower tier credit scores most lenders will require a much larger down payment and charge a higher interest rate.

Our credit repair program is designed to assist customers in achieving the highest credit score possible thus allowing them to obtain a lower down payment and a lower interest rate.

All monies invested into our credit repair program are applied toward the customer’s down payment upon the purchase of a manufactured home thus making this a win-win proposition for customers in need of this invaluable service. Some customer who thought they needed this service qualified for financing without it. Contrarily some customers needed this service and thought their credit score was higher that it actually was. At no charge we offer each of our clients a free Customer Profile Assessment. Contact your nearest sales center or email us your inquiry and one and of our consultants will be happy to assist you.

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